I facilitated a rebranding for Barn Dog Craft Distilling as they revisited their initial branding and logo for their distillery. This involved a full redesign of their website to reflect their new goals. The new website organized the information they were trying to relay into a more understandable format that helped bring their brand to the next level. The logo and website together created a better sense of the distillery as a brand and highlighted parts of the distillery that were important to them, such as their donations to different local charities and organizations.
Part of the rebranding was to create a more unified look that would work across multiple platforms. This led to the creation of a new logo for them that better represented the name of the distillery and the story that comes with it. It serves as a way to get customers to interact with the brand itself and to lend a more playful mood to the brand.  In the event that the logo does not fit, the usage of just the name in the Dead Saloon font is utilized.
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